My name is Didier Boree.
I live in Belgium and all my life
I have been passionate about music in general.
I like to create, play & mix music
and create certain atmospheres.

I am currently working on new music,
but I also publish podcasts.
The 3 currently running are
'The Intensive Radioshow',
'The Retro Sessions' & 'Techno'.
These are radio shows with a duration of exact 1 hour,
ready to broadcast on the radio.

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'The Intensive radioshow'

is a selection of the best melodic house,
melodic techno, progressive house & organic house
that is popular now at the moment.
At least once a week I publish a new one.

progressive house,melodic house & techno, deep house

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'The Retro Sessions'

In this radio show,
I'm going back in time with
'the sound of the biggest clubs in the 90s'.
I like to evoke the atmosphere of that time.

retro house, retro techno, retro trance

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This a selection of the best and darkest
raw techno, deep techno and hypnotic techno
that is popular at the moment
in the scene.

raw techno, deep techno, hypnotic techno

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You can listen to all my podcasts
here on my website and they are also
available on iTunes, Mixcloud and many
other official streaming platforms.

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Thank you, stay safe and enjoy the music !